Swedish Tea Ring

I wanted to make cinnamon rolls for my Dad’s birthday and couldn’t find a recipe without dry milk, potato flakes, or other uncommon ingredients. This recipe is from the 1974 Betty Crocker Breads cookbook (thanks to Veronica for telling me about it!).

1. Yummy according to Chris.
2. Raisins plumped up nicely.

1. My dough took twice as long to rise as it should have…I noticed that the yeast wasn’t as active as usual, and should have dumped it, but continued… the ring was definitely smaller than it should have been. As a result, it was a little overcooked (since it didn’t rise well, it cooked in 2/3 of the time!)
2. I forgot to line the pan with parchment! Eek! That sugar is going to be hard to clean.
3. I tried adding vanilla to the icing, but added too much (1tsp). Next time try 1/4 tsp.


Here are photos of the 2-part recipe (one for the dough), one for the ring. Click on each photo to view full size.

swedish_tea_ring sweet_dough


2 thoughts on “Swedish Tea Ring

  1. I have been searching for the 1974 Betty Crockers Swedish Tea Ring for a friend. Can you please share the recipes? I would appreciate it very much!

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