Coconut Macaroons

Mmmm coconut….
So I made this for Easter and promptly forgot to make an entry for it. I also made Giada’s Almond Cake (an oft-repeated classic now) and chocolate chip cookies– I’m not allowed to attend Piscina family functions without them. 😉
Baking has totally suffered at the hands of these idiot house-hunters… three months and counting.
This coconut macaroons recipe is awesome. From Martha Stewart website (2006 recipe, not the new one).

They are soooo delicious, everyone loved them. Her recipe said it makes 90, but it made 57 for me, which is still way too many, even for 2 Easter parties (the number of calories per macaroon is horrendous, but don’t think of that when you eat one. 🙂

Mine didn’t come out as toasty looking as the photo, but toasty enough and not too gooey, unlike the Barefoot Contessa macaroons.


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