Christmas Cookies!

Christmas is here! Two days of baking and I don’t want to see or smell another cookie, but they look great!
This Christmas I made 6 kinds of cookies and 1 almond cake (for Elaine’s for Christmas).
Giada’s Almond Cake is now a family favorite these past few years. We can’t have a Christmas at Chris’ Mom’s house without one. šŸ™‚

Four of the recipes are our tried and true Christmas traditions:
Pignoli Cookies (from old Good Housekeeping cookie issue) – double batch
Russian Tea Cookies (Chris’ favorite and Mom’s secret recipe with pecans) – double batch

Seven Layer Cookies (Mom’s secret recipe) – double batch
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Tollhouse recipe minus nuts and with less butter) – double batch

Two others were new experiments:
Martha Stewart’s Oreo Cookies (from her cookie book) – double batch
Gale Gand’s Deep Chocolate Shortbread (with Splenda) – single batch

The Oreo cookies are a lot of work! They taste just like oreos in the end, but I have to come up with a simpler way to make them… also, the cream filling recipe made twice as much as I needed. Her recipe calls for way too much filling inside. It would just smoosh all over the place. I used the teaspon scoop (#40) but it was still too big once I flattened the cookies with a glass bottom. Maybe next time I’ll try to roll out that sticky dough and use a very small cookie cutter. NOTE: These oreos don’t last long… spoil quickly because of all of that butter and shortening.

The Deep Shortbread cookies were a good option for those who can’t have too much sugar. I cut the cookies into smallish squares (like a small post-it-note size) and it comes to 1 gram of sugar per cookie. Very deep chocolate taste, but even Chris liked them (he has an aversion to all artificial sweeteners) because the cocoa masks the usual Splenda aftertaste. No one but Pop liked these, but my family doesn’t like shortbread, so it’s a tough call.

I also found great accessories in Michael’s (I think they were Wilton products). Cookie Gift boxes and decorated parchment to line the tins… Much nicer looking than the usual waxed paper and already cut to size. One box of 50 was more than enough.


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