Minestrone Soup

So we had a bon voyage lunch for Allison (who’s moving to Florida) but we’re all so sick of food that I made a simple meal… baby arugula with lemon and parmesan, fried artichoke hearts, and Giada’s Winter Minestrone. Yum!
The minestrone was thick and excellent… I used the full 32oz. box of vegetable broth (instead of beef broth) and I didn’t use the pancetta (as this was being served to a veggie). It was excellent and with some grated pecorino romano it was perfect. Yum. Who knew Swiss Chard could be so delicious? The dark green and red in the chard leaves made it look wintry and wonderful.
Apparently true minestrone has no pasta in it… I loved it without the pasta, especially when Carolyn brought over yummy bread to dip in it.
I forgot to take a picture even though it looked so pretty in the pot. Oops. So I stole a picture from this guy’s blog since he made Giada’s recipe too.
Definitely a keeper. 🙂

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