Christmas Cookies 2010

Pignoli cookies cooling.
Rainbow cookies- chilling the chocolate layer before cutting.

This year I swore I’d cut down on the number of cookies and then I panicked on Christmas Eve and made more.  🙂
As usual, there were too many of some, but not enough of others. I could have made more pignoli cookies, but that’s because I made them too big. Next year I’ll make them smaller.

I made:

  1. Seven Layer [AKA Rainbow] – doubled batch – KEEP for next year
  2. Pignoli – doubled batch – KEEP for next year
  3. Russian Tea – KEEP for next year (Chris, AM and Elaine love these)
  4. Chocolate Chip – doubled batch – KEEP for next year
  5. Butter Cookies – good, but too plain for Christmas
  6. Rugelach – I love this recipe, but it’s a lot of work. Doubled, but single is enough next time.
  7. Lemon Tassies – single batch, yummy, better for spring or summer – use zest in dough next time.
  8. Sugar Free Chocolate Pixies – yummy, must make w/i 24 hours of event because consistency changes with Splenda.

Lemon Tassies and Butter Cookies were new experiments, and the Chocolate Pixies were my Sugar Free modification of my Mom’s recipe. I’ll write them all up separately.

As usual, rugelach, pignoli, rainbow, chocolate chip and russian teas are hits every year. I think I’ll just stick to those five core cookies for Christmas in the future.

Thanks to Mom for her help in the kitchen on 12/23! We had a great time making pignoli cookies and chocolate pixies together.

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