CSA Week 6

I thought last week was slim pickings…. this week’s bad too.
This photo is of the entire share! (Ours and our friends). They didn’t want their half this week. It’s about the same as our half share last week.

Clockwise from left: onions (walla walla), napa cabbage, red lettuce, beets, curly parsley, cukes, eggplant, fennel (center)

Same old:  napa cabbage, red lettuce
New: 5 onions, 1 bulb fennel, 3 beets, 1 eggplant, curly parsley, and 2 small cukes
Notice anything different in this photo?
Cary and Dan gave Chris a gnome soap on a rope! He’s so cute I keep him on the table. Soon he’ll move to the shower…. after spending some time downstairs entertaining the nerds.

Lots of cabbage slaw for everyone… doesn’t look big in the photo but when you break it apart and clean it there’s a ton. Hopefully my own tomatoes will be ready to supplement the greens.
Maybe I’ll make pisaladiere, the french pizza with caramelized onions, kalamata olives, and anchovies (optional). We’ll see.
Anyone want some?

Added July 21: Just found out that they also had red potatoes and English peas that day, but when I got there, there weren’t any! I’ll have to show up earlier. We went later than usual, around 6:20ish. Most of the good options were gone.

Chica made a meal of the veggies from the share and from our garden:

Great placemats!

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