Tomato Harvest

Home sick today. I’m glad that I can hide inside in the A/C! It’s way too hot out there.
I harvested the tomatoes this morning and it was brutally hot!
Funny thing was, when I went to pick the tomatoes, I found another praying mantis! They love to eat aphids… this one’s doing a great job! He was a little ticked off that I was invading his tomatoes, but he didn’t try to eat me after all.  🙂

Looks like I’ll have enough tomatoes for the weekend parties and some extra for Chica!
I also thought I’d give the cukes another try. All three seeds that I planted 5 days ago have sprouted. I’ll eventually weed them down to one, but I want to see which ones looks best when they have their second leaves.

Cukes – second try

Sweet Tangerine tomatoes

Fourth of July tomatoes

Complete harvest July 21 – mushy ones in front row, mutants in second row.  🙂

I had to put this in the blog just so I remember. I loves this Google doodle. They used it yesterday for Gregor Mendel’s 189th bday. Very cool.


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