Peach Preserves…. or Peach Soup

🙂 Silly me. I tried to make a double batch of peach preserves even though they warned me not to double the recipe.
I now have 18.5 jars of peach soup, or peach sauce (Chris drank one). I’m going to open all of the jars and recook it in half-batches and re-can them… once the no-sugar-needed pectin arrives.
Cary and Dan bought us 24 delicious local peaches. Yum!
All of the steps worked out right, but a double batch makes for too much water in the fruit… too little surface area to cook off all of that water. More cooking will fix it, never fear.
I followed a recipe that Cary sent that uses less sugar. Less sugar means less setting too… I should have realized that the combination would not likely be successful.
At least it tastes good! I’ll update this blog once I’ve fixed it. Hopefully Wednesday night.

Delicious, fresh peaches!

Peeling peaches: first boil, then ice bath, then peel.

Lids boiling

Peach preserves cooking… too much… too watery
Canned – first time – 19.5 half-pint jars
A soupy mess on the plate… now I’ll have to recook and re-can it all

Recipe: (Don’t double this like I did)
12 peaches
4.5 cups sugar
2 oz packet pectin
2 tbsp lemon juice
Peel and chop peaches; cook until boiling. Add sugar, cook again until boiling. Add 1 packet liquid pectin, bring back to boil for 1 minute.
Let preserves cool for 15-25 minutes.
Fill sanitized jars and process in boiling water canner for 10 minutes.

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