CSA Week 9

The summer bumper crop is beginning. This week is again a double as our friends are away and didn’t want their share.

Click photo to enlarge

There were:
4 bell peppers (1 orange, 3 green)
2 bulbs garlic
3 yellow onions
1 pint cherry tomatoes (mixed colors – pretty!)
6 large red tomatoes
2 zucchini
2 pattypan squash
5 carrots
1 canteloupe
1 eggplant
5 kirby cukes
1 head boston lettuce
1 large bag of potatoes (about 12…maybe yukon gold?)
1 bag of (cranberry?) beans (not mature… they can be eaten like string beans… very pretty!
Here’s a closeup of the beans:

As soon as I got home I made garden pickles with the cukes (plus the kirby cukes I held on to from last week), onions and peppers from the farm. Yay! That blog post will be next.

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