Spring is here! Time for herbs and veggies!

It’s finally here!

I planted my first seeds and cleared away the beds and cut down the perennials.

We had two survivors in pots, chives and rosemary (2 pots of rosemary):

pots chive lavender

The tulips are coming up and I planted Eckford’s Finest Sweet Peas in that bed, ready to climb on the trellises near the lavender. What you see sprouting up at the center and right are tulips and purple day lilies:


sweet pea seeds

We moved all of the patio furniture out into the sun to dry off (and so that we could clean them… they had dryer lint all over them from sitting in front of the vent– reminds me to clean the dryer vent tube!)


Now I have to figure out what to do with these pots… which kind of flowers?


I ordered three calibrachoa flower plants… they are vibrant and beautiful, like tiny petunias that cascade:

Callibrachoa, Callie Painted Coral

Calibrachoa ‘Callie’

I did get one exciting new addition, a compact veg trug, which I’m really excited about! I’m going to use it for veggie planting (other than the tomatoes, which will be in my favorite old tomato planters).


Notice how it’s deeper in the center? Good for deeper crops… I’ll have beets and leeks in center and herbs and beans all around.

This year I am going to plant:



‘TastiLee’, ‘Mighty Sweet’ (grape tomato), ‘Black Krim’, ‘Tye-Dye’



‘Detroit Dark Red Med’ Beets, ‘Tenderpick’ Green Beans, ‘Hannibal’ Leeks, ‘Salvatica’ Arugula, ‘Bright Lights’ Swiss Chard



Chamomile ‘Flore Pleno’, Common Thyme, Basil ‘Genovese’, Cilantro ‘Calypso’, Greek Oregano

One thought on “Spring is here! Time for herbs and veggies!

  1. You have a lot of planting ahead of you. It is supposed to get warmer next week. It won’t be long now, and you, Chris, and Scruffy will be planting and chilling in the backyard. Pool season will be here before you know it!

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