Mother’s Day weekend – a gardener’s favorite weekend!

Hooray! The spring veggies are growing so fast! The arugula is almost ready to eat and is soft and delicious. The rainbow chard is about 5″ tall and looking great, and the slow-to-start leeks are coming along.


Arugula close-up… soft and delicious!


Rainbow chard is taking off and looking good


Everything is coming along in the veg trug. The netting is great for keeping the squirrels out! (They dig big holes in all of my beds and pots and uproot my plants to plant their peanuts!)


The flowers I planted last week are doing very well too (cosmos, snapdragons, and lobelia).


Rosemary surrounded with snapdragons and variegated vinca.


Snapdragons close up. My favorite old fashioned flower.


Snaps and blue lobelia. I love the variety of colors.

The beds are coming along. I cut down the knockout rose again as it had gotten huge and was crowding out the lady’s mantle and hosta. Plus I added some cosmos so they will grow nice and tall and will need the light.


The yellow tulips in the bed below are a late variety so they always come up after I’ve forgotten all about tulips. That bed now has lavender, tulips, cosmos, sweet peas (only about 3″ high so far, too short to reach the trellises), and purple day lilies.



I also planted tomatoes and herbs this evening (once the third day of deluges this week finished). Too dark for photos, I’ll take them tomorrow and log the herbs and tomatoes that I planted.

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