Sour Cherry Crumb Cake

Mom brought over a quart of sour cherries from Battleview Orchards today, and with it a recipe for this crumb cake. It was great that she brought a recipe because my first instinct for using fruit is always jam and I’m sure everyone’s sick of it.


I like the taste of sour cherries as they are (yum!), and the bright red color is great. They are smaller than sweet cherries that you see in the stores. There were a few leftover for me nibble on after I pitted a pound of them for the recipe. I don’t have a mechanical pitter, but opposable thumbs are the best cherry-pitting  invention ever!  🙂

The cake looks great, but we’ll see how it does in the taste test tomorrow.


The recipe is from Martha Stewart Living, July 2009.


    • 2 ounces (4 tablespoons) unsalted butter, melted, plus more for dish
    • 3/4 cup all-purpose flour, plus more for dish
    • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
    • 1/4 cup packed light-brown sugar
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
    • 1 teaspoon baking powder
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 4 ounces (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened
    • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
    • 2 large eggs
    • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    • 1/4 cup buttermilk
    • 2 1/2 cups (1 pound) fresh sour cherries, pitted, or frozen dark sweet cherries


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter a 9-inch square baking dish, and dust with flour, tapping out excess.
  2. Make the topping: Stir together butter, flour, sugars, salt, and cinnamon.
  3. Make the cake: Whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. With a mixer, cream butter and granulated sugar in another bowl until pale and fluffy. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Working in alternating batches, add flour mixture and buttermilk, beginning and ending with flour mixture. Beat until just combined. Pour into prepared dish, and smooth. Dot top with cherries, and sprinkle with crumb topping.
  4. Bake until golden and a tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 1 hour. Let cool before cutting.

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