My new favorite things: natural vegan convenience food!

Sometimes I don’t have a recipe but just a product that I want to remember.  In this case, I have been cooking (and blending) non stop for 6 weeks (hooray for nutritarianism!) and was hoping that somewhere out there someone was making organic, natural, chemical and preservative and sugar free yummy vegan food that I could just buy and heat up. I’m not a fan of processed soy products or tvp or seitan, I just want unprocessed yummy stuff!

I’m sure this would not be an issue if there were a Whole Foods or even a Wegman’s on our little island, but as it is, I’m happy that at least we have a Trader Joe’s.

In this case, Fresh Direct came through! They have all kinds of local yummy and organic stuff, but now they have added some excellent fresh-made vegan food that’s incredible and all made here in New York.

Flourish Baking Company makes 4 vegan pot pies that look awesome. I had the Lentil Simmer vegetable pot pie a couple of days ago, which is not liquidy, despite the sound of the name. It’s so good! Spinach, broccoli, lentils, other veggies, cumin, and a whole grain crust. I just nuked it for 3 minutes and then heated it in a 350 F toaster oven for 10 minutes. So good and no chemicals or sugar! Next time I’m going to try the two potato pie, but I’ve bought them all to test them (yay, research)! You can also buy them from the bakery website.


It really does look just like the photo on the box!

I just ate Hunan Dumplings from Macro Vegan tonight… they were so delicious! Whole wheat, organic veggies and delicious flavor. They were great hot or cold! They make a ton of other dumplings (Shanghai and Thai) and noodle dishes (Soba, Pad Thai, etc). I don’t know if they sell this stuff anywhere else…. sooo good. The portions are great too, 300 calories for half of the container (7 oz, about 9 dumplings). I had mine with some liquid aminos.


I took this photo before I tore into the package  🙂


Leftovers as today’s lunch… yum!



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