Corn Muffins (America’s Test Kitchen)

I made corn muffins to celebrate the start of Chris’ summer vacation.
The ATK Family Baking Book has a tons of great recipes, so I decided to try their recipe.
Simple, but not for the health conscious…. sour cream, whole milk, and a stick of butter! No complaints here.  🙂
Delicious warm after the oven! Smooth and buttery. Good the next day, but after that, in the fridge, they became dense (to be expected).
They aren’t super corny… maybe next time I’ll use less flour and more cornmeal. I liked them, and I don’t like corn muffins generally. Chris thought they were yummy but not corny enough.


Cinnamon Chip Muffins

I’ve been having baking withdrawal all February because everyone keeps coming to look at our house (but no offers yet) and I’m cleaning obsessively.
So I thought “what better time to bake something easy for a fun breakfast than a snow day”?
So much for that. King Arthur Flour quick bread/muffin mixes have been a disappointment. First we tried the cream cheese apricot one, which was way too nutmeggy, now the cinnamon chip. Way too much spice altogether (allspice?). Yuck.
I’m going to bring them to work tomorrow. Hope the dutch cocoa and blueberry ones I gave as Christmas gifts are better!