Shiitake mushroom harvest and scallions

Day 8… harvest time! Yay!

Chris cooked some of them with the chicken thighs…. delicious! I think I’ll saute the rest tomorrow night. They are so flavorful and soft.

shiitakes on day 8 after harvest

shiitakes on day 8 after harvest

I forgot to mention that the scallion reboot that I found on pinterest really works! Cut organic scallions down to 2-3″ above the roots and you can stick them in water to regrow them!

Here is mine after 2 days… the tall one is after 5 days (I tested that one first)… the shorter ones, only started 2 days ago were older and staring to wither but this still works! So cool…

tall scallion after 5 days, others after 2 days

tall scallion after 5 days, others after 2 days


Shiitake Mushrooms

7 days after receiving and soaking the mushroom kit, lots of mushrooms are growing! They might have started earlier but I had to buy a spray bottle to mist it daily.


close up

sideview longview

I found a website that explained when to harvest:

Harvest when white, cottony veil beneath the cap has fully broken away from the stem or, if you want really large mushrooms just let them grow….

that sounds easy enough.  🙂